Friday, September 11, 2009

Witch's Shoe/boot with cut file

I saw this in Paper Crafts Magazine and decided I needed to make one. I made an .svg file with the pattern to make the card easier to cut out. Using a machine to do the cutting is easier and faster. I used purple for the shoe and cut green stripes and then used purple glitter to glam it up. I used black ribbon on the top and the heel of the shoe. I used orange dots (Skittles on the Cricut Message Board) to look like buttons. I used orange paint on clear skittles and they came out great. I think it came out cute for my first attempt. Next time I think I will use patteren paper.
Here is the cut file for the witches boot, this card opens from the side not the top like others have made.

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PixiesDelight Designs said...

So cute! Will you be sharing the svg ?