Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paper Pups BOO!

For this card I used design studio, George and Basic Shapes and Paper Pups Cartridge. I made the card using george and welding two squares together. A solid and an outline square. In the square I welded the witch pup to the sides of the square. Then I welded the word Boo! to the square in shadow cut. I then used the "hide" button to hide the insides of the word so it came out solid. Then I made the layers on another mat and cut everything out in the different colors. I cut the card out in black. I cut the word out in orange. I cut the pup out in polka dot paper and cut the hat off to show the black. I cut the outline in brown.I tied ribbon around the side of the card. I used orange stickles on the Boo. Cinamon Stickles on the broom. Used a google eye on the pup. Inside the card I stamped some spiders that look like they are hanging from the broom and top of card. Enjoy!

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